Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Walk

After work today, I headed into the woods next to my shop in search of early wildflowers, of which I found none. Below the north side of our ridge is a meadow that typically hosts a rather extensive vernal marsh, and from that emanated the certain spring sound of peepers. So, off I went, with the dogs, to investigate. Along the way I stopped for a minute to sit on a log, where I shot the picture of the moss/lichen garden.
Upon reaching the marsh everyone shut up, of course, especially with the dogs taking time to wallow and drink. I secured a decent spot on a high clump of grass and settled in for a wait. Eventually the spring peepers started up, and I was able to locate these two lovers.
Afterwards, I headed back along Bridle Creek and took the picture of what I think is a crayfish home.

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Jeff Carter said...

Greetings, Scott! I hope you and the family are doing well, happy and healthy. Give them all a big hug from me, and a sloppy kiss for you! Tell Carol I said hey, too...and oh yeah, give her the same.
Your pal,
Jeff Carter