Saturday, March 22, 2008

Boy Scout Resource Ramble

For the second year, the Boy Scouts will hold what they call a "resource ramble" on the scout reservation at Camp Powhatan in Pulaski County. The event, scheduled for Saturday, June 14, resembles a bio-blitz, except that elements of geology and cultural resources are included in the survey.

The 17,000-acre reservation covers parts of the watersheds of Little Laurel and Big Mack Creeks, as well as two ponds. Elevation ranges from 1900 to 3348 feet. Base rock is sandstone, quartzite, shale and dolomite. Forest cover includes mainly dry hardwoods interspersed with pine, hemlock and other conifers.

You can participate in a team or as an individual. The scouts are looking for experts to guide teams in various aspects of natural history, geology and archaeology. Veteran naturalist Clyde Kessler (a contributor to this blog) is already on board to help the scouts with bird identification.

The main event takes place Saturday, but what is described as "rustic accommodations" are available for those arriving Friday evening or staying over Saturday night. Breakfast is available both Saturday and Sunday mornings. Participants are also invited to dinner Saturday evening prior to the Ramble reports and wrap-up session. (Participants are asked to bring lunch for Saturday in the field). You can register as late as the morning of the event, but organizers ask that you register as early as possible so an accurate estimate of the food needed can be made.

After you register, you'll get a topo map of the Reservation along with directions to Camp Powhatan, a schedule and a list of what to bring.

To find out more, direct questions to either Dr. Bill Shiner or Greg Harmon, Program Director of the Blue Ridge Scout Reservation.

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